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I AM Metaphysical Enhanced Essential Oils

Through the sacred ancient process of alchemy James creates unique, one of a kind metaphysically enhanced essential oils. Energy and vibrations from programed crystals, sacred sounds, intentions and consecration come together in a magical way. This brings to life an amazing synergy of energy, which is harnessed in I AM Metaphysically Enhanced™ oils.



I AM Metaphysically Enhanced™ oils all have a unique and powerful vibration. Their purpose is assist in bringing ones chakras and energy body back in harmony. The chakras of the body all have different vibrations, when their vibrations are optimal and in harmony with one another we are at a state of enlightenment, Therefore the  vibration of each oil is unique to its purpose. 

I AM Love is designed to assist in opening and healing the heart chakra.

I AM Heard is designed to assist in clearing and energizing the throat chakra

I AM Pure is designed  to assist in clearing the lower chakras

I AM Bliss is designed to assist in opening the ajna and crown chakras

I AM Power is designed to awaken and energize the lower chakras

I AM Grounded is designed to ground the entire body into the earth

I AM Passion is designed to to open and intensify the energy of passion

I AM Calm is engineered to slow and calm the mind and body



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