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"WOW. James's work is so deep - he burst my heart wide open the first time we worked together. After only 1 session with Jim, I learned how to access my heart space in the most powerful way and how to use this in my every day life. James taught me the language of my heart. Thank you so much James for being a servant to humanity and a beautiful and generous spirit."  - Zayna d.G.


"Energizing and enlightening" - L.M.


"I had been struggling with various emotions, many of which seemed to stem from my childhood and the death of my daughter. Depression and anxiety medications hadn't helped, so I stopped taking them. After a session with James my a lot of things fell in to place-even down to some health conditions I have suffered from since my teens. I was surprised, RELIEVED, and emotional that HERE is FINALLY someone that HEARS me and SEES me. I feel CLEAN, LIGHT, and I feel like how I SHOULD feel. I don't feel "stuck" any more. I also have been using a few crystals that James recommended for some of the challenges I have been facing and I use them daily, keep them with me, and I feel BETTER than I have in YEARS. I feel truly BLESSED that I met James when I did. He has helped me through some of the most difficult, and painful times of my life. I will forever be grateful. He has a gift that is truly remarkable! Thank you from the bottom of my heart James!" - Sam G.


"Thank you James for a very special evening. Last night was indeed a wonderful experience." - M.S.


I meet this guy at the Midwest yoga conference; he waived his hand, bounced an imaginary basketball off my entire body and then told me about myself. I wasn't quite sold but interested enough to agree to come over to his house. On the way over I was feeling a bit unsettled as soon as I walked into this house my energy shifted I felt so much more like myself. James  and I sat in his "office" and chatted, He has a wealth of knowledge. I asked question after question and each answer had an experience, he was speaking his truth.   We took some huge breaths and then he began his work. I could feel the shifts he was making. There were times of beautiful stillness as well as the feeling, "am I going to hurl?" I walked out feeling so balanced, calm and renewed.  He may be just the middle man, but there is some beautiful energy running through him. Thanks so much for passing it along. - Jeremy B


"Thank you James. I had a wonderful time. Can't wait to see what is in store next Friday" - J.O.


"I recently had the pleasure of meeting with James for a chakra cleansing. Prior to the appointment I was excited and a bit apprehensive. I consider myself an open minded person but had never engaged in anything like this before. Well, I can tell you, it was an amazing, real experience I will never changing! James is truly gifted in his craft, genuine, non judgmental and can see/feel energy. For anyone on the fence, just do it, you will be thankful you did." - C.L.G​. 


The energy of this oil has magical qualities that you are not going to be able to deny. I was amazed at its power and vibration. I highly recommend it. Thank you James for putting so much love and light into this one-of-a-kind oil. 'I Am Love' will be on my 'Favorite Things' list! - Deb B.


 I was lucky enough to attend his Chakra Harmony class. This was a very special class combining crystals, aromatherapy, sound, yoga and James healing energies and positive, playful personality. During class I discovered that I could do a standing backbend that I could never do before, due to the previous heart opening. It felt wonderful breathing into that newly opened space! I floated all the way home.  I would highly recommend James to anyone seeking to improve their being! - J.P. 


"James, thank you for the wonderful experience. It was great!" - H.F.


I met James at the Midwest Yoga conference in May 2012. The word was circulating that he was a gifted energy healer and I was lucky to make contact with him there. He did a quick body scan of my chakras and told me that he could bring them back into balance. James was friendly, warm and professional and I was very open and receptive to the healing. He spent a lot of time clearing debris from my chakras. My lower chakras have been depleted for some time and my heart center was closed off. With his healing energy and the right words he guided me through a beautiful heart opening. When the session was over I felt solid on my feet and couldn't stop smiling. I wanted to hug everyone for days and a month later the feeling is still with me. He also recomended some healing stones and crystals to me that have helped the healing continue to blossom. - Jessica P.

I met James during a level 1 Reiki workshop he was teaching. I came across Jim again after I delivered my fourth child, and was unexpectedly given the horrible news that she was critically ill and her condition was severe enough to have her baptized within hours of birth. The very first person I could think of to turn to was James. He began working on Noelle remotely. I was blessed to have 5 and a half weeks with her. I truly feel that with James's distant healing, I was given the GIFT to get to know this tiny, special soul, and I was given the opportunity to shower her with all the love I could in that short time. - Sam G.



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