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Private Sessions

As metaphysical energy practitioner I am trained in many areas of physical and spiritual wellness. I utilize many different healing modalities in sessions. Along with being a Reiki Master Teacher I am trained in pranic healing, yoga, pranayama, food and vibrational healing. I have an intimate connection with the mineral kingdom, utilizing crystals to direct and amplify energy. Crystals support me in accelerating the healing and awakening process. The ability to sense the energy in the aura and chakras is a blessing, it assists me to personalize each sessions to best suit each individual.

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Sessions begin with an evaluation to determine the current emotional, physical and mental state. The treatment consists of releasing energy blockages, followed by revitalizing the body with invigorating energy.


Many have found the sessions can benefit emotional, psychological, mental and  physical issues.

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Clarity of mind and thoughts

  • Assist the body to heal itself

  • Boost their physical performance

  • Open the connection with the Higher Self

  • Relieve past life karma

  • Awaken spiritual gifts

  • Assist in releasing chronic repressed emotions

  • Develop and experience self love

I have assisted people all over the world and sessions can be done remotely as well. Remote sessions are done while asleep, and I follow up with the findings and recommendations the following day. Please feel free to contact me directly to see how a session would be beneficial for you!

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