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My soul's purpose is assisting mankind to raise to higher levels of consciousness at an accelerated rate with the most grace and ease.

Everything is accelerated at this time and we are being pushed to evolve. Anything unresolved is being brought to the surface to be addressed. This can be quite uncomfortable for many, bringing up fears, confusion and physical discomfort. Often left feeling helpless, alone and not fitting. Constant change emphasizes these challenges.
Many are running and hiding in addictive behaviors.  Not just alcohol or drug use, but hiding in activities like social media, television, food, shopping and sex. Addictions are an avoidance technique which only stuffs and builds the issues. Any uncomfortableness within will diminish through facing and feeling it. 

We don't need to do this alone. Many beautiful souls have helped me and I have dedicated my life to support others.  As an energy practitioner, spiritual guide, master teacher and alchemist I AM available to assist you reveal and align with your soul purpose. 


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