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Private Sessions

James is a truly gifted metaphysical practitioner with over a decade of experience


  • Sensing the energy in the aura and chakras of the body

  • Releasing stagnant energy blockages

  • Energizing depleted areas 


James is an intuitive expert who has been trained in many different energy modalities like Pranic Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Quantum Touch, Breath-Techniques, and Meditation. 


James experiences that most illnesses begin as an emotional trauma locked deep within the body.

The first step is always an evaluation to determine the current emotional, physical and spiritual state.

The treatment then begins by releasing energy blockages, followed by addressing the physical symptoms.

Many have found that his sessions can benefit with emotional, psychological or physical issues

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Clarity of mind and thoughts

  • Assist the body to heal itself

  • Boost their physical performance

  • Open the connection with the Higher Self

  • Relieve past life karma

  • Awaken spiritual gifts

  • Assist in releasing chronic repressed emotions


Private sessions are available at:

  • James's location in Phoenix,

  • Your location in the Phoenix area

  • Remotely

James is able to scan the chakras and energy body remotely, and personally follow up with the findings and offer recomendations




Space Clearings

  • Do you feel tired, anxious or depressed when being in your home or office?

  • Feel a shift within your energy after a short time there and not know  where it is originating from?


The energy within a space can become stagnant over time. Energy from past emotional experiences collect over time just like dirt. These can be from yourself or others who have visited or been there before. 


James is sensitive to feel the unwanted energies. He is experienced in clearing and transmuting the energies to a much higher vibration. The result is a space that feels vibrant and alive once again.

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